Poppy field at Argenteuil (detail), Claude Monet.


Bubble Bubble

Our team has been loving all your dot creations in Paper! In case you missed the news, dot size in the Draw and Erase tools is now linked to how long you press. Tap quickly to make small dots, or hold down longer to create bigger ones. Have fun…

Made With Paper by xiaomengzi


Mozart y los Niños

José Hernández

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Coffee, color pencil, wash, charcoal 

22x29 in.

Series: Eden


Capturing Time

A one minute long exposure in Sunset Beach, Florida. Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil  

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Chris LaBrooy (UK) - Flight Intestine (2014)

After graduating from the RCA with an MA in design products, Chris Labrooy first began to use 3D as a simple tool to visualise ideas for furniture and products that he could not afford to produce. As 3D technology and hardware evolved, Chris LaBrooy saw an opportunity to explore CGI as a creative medium in itself with which he could subvert and twist familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. Chris LaBrooy is interested in the intersection between typography, architecture, product design and visual art. Chris LaBrooy has exhibited at the design museum in London and has been featured in many publications covering design, products, typography and illustration. (src. Début Art)

© All images courtesy the artist

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Suite Dreams : by Patrick Awa

11” x 11” Watercolor, Acrylic and Gel medium on Rives paper.